Accomodation, food and other services

The Àssua Valley and El Batlliu have a wide range of services where you will be able to find welcoming places to sleep and very good cooking.

All the routes we propose have their starting point in a village with accommodation, or in a nearby village. If you wish, you can also stop off on the way and have breakfast or lunch in any of the bars and restaurants along the route. 

All the accommodation in the Àssua Valley and in El Batlliu collaborate with the project and have information and a library with all the works that were inspired by places in this area or use them as their setting available for guests.

In the restaurants, you will find traditional cuisine and dishes from the novels, which appear as references on the menus of each establishment.

The map also includes other services and establishments that participate in the project, such as the museums (The Shepherds of the Àssua Valley Ecomuseum organises literary outings related to the book Les veus del Pamano) and cheese dairies where you can buy cheese and yoghurts traditionally made in the valley.


(MAP of routes in relation to villages)

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