The project: The Àssua Valley and El Batlliu, a landscape of novels

Reading a book often turns into a journey where the author’s words and sentences are mixed with the imagination of the reader. The landscape of this journey is the meeting point between one thing and another.

In this geography, half imaginary, half real, we find the Àssua Valley, a small, unknown Pyrenean valley, which to one degree or another, has been placed among the letters of different successful novels. Jaume Cabré, in Les veus del Pamano; Maria Barbal, in Pedra de tartera, País Íntim or Mel i metzines; Josep Virós, many years before, in Verd madur... all, each one in their own way and in their own genre, coincide in speaking about an evolving rural world, where the protagonists feel deeply anchored and that decisively influences their lives.

We do not know exactly what has provoked the Àssua Valley and El Batlliu de Sort (just parallel) turning into settings for all these books. A large part of it could just be coincidental or perhaps they hold a suggestive aura that attracts creative minds. Whatever it might be, what is true is that, rediscovered through reading, the landscapes of the Àssua Valley and El Batlliu display new nuances that make them even more special.

As a result of this, the project Àssua Valley and El Batlliu, a landscape of novels offers a set of itineraries that will take you through this real and fictional geography. Special attention has been given so that this balance will not be broken at any time, since we understand that the literary landscapes are never real landscapes. Thus, the itineraries and places are often presented as a game, in which the reader has to discover a mountain, a village, a house... In this way, the itineraries have been designed for those who love books and walking, but also for all those that want to fall in love with a landscape that knows how to maintain the essence of a novel.



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