Josep Virós


Josep Virós was born in Llessui in 1905. He left the Pyrenees to study and later worked as a lawyer. In 1929, he became professionally linked to the North American film production company Warner Bros., which allowed him to get to know the world of films very well and to become a keen follower. In 1957, he published the novel Verd madur, closely linked to his homeland and which was translated into Spanish as Siega verde. To write the novel, the author used local Pallarès regional words; which led to several words being added to the dictionary, Diccionari català-valencià-balear.

In 1960, together with the jeweller Amadeu Bagués, he founded the film company Pirene Films SA with the aim of promoting Catalan films. That same year, he produced Siega verde, which was quite an event in the Pallars Sobirà region, where a great number of the scenes were shot. After years of dealings with the General Directorate of Cinematography, he managed to get the original version in Catalan premiered in 1968. He also contributed financially to the first films of Antoni Ribas, who is particularly known for his films that come down in favour of the losers of the Civil War.

In 1976, he wrote another novel Una altra mena de fosca.

He died in Barcelona in 1987.


Verd Madur. (novel)


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