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Ferran Rella i Foro was born in Esterri d’Àneu in 1954. He studied Philosophy and the Arts at the Estudi General de Lleida and at the Autonomous University of Barcelona from which he graduated in 1976. He taught from 1977 and since 1993 he has been a professor of Catalan Language and Literature at the Màrius Torres Secondary School in Lleida. For him, the Pallars Sobirà region has been a permanent object of study and dedication which he has projected from the Presidency of the Cultural Council of the Àneu Valleys, of which he was a founding member; as director of Àrnica magazine and from the coordination of the Authors' Meetings in the Pyrenees. He has published articles about history and linguistics and travel literature in Lo Raier, Collegats, Sió, Crònica d'Ensenyament, Ressò de Ponent, Cavall Fort, Descobrir Catalunya and Sàpiens. A collaborator in several books with a Pyrenean and literary theme, he is the author of the books Les valls d'Àneu and El Pallars Sobirà. On 23rd of January 2007, the Catalan Minister of Culture and the Media, Joan Manuel Tresserras, officially appointed him the territorial director of the Ministry in Lleida, a post he still holds.



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